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Defense & Security

THz and IR band pass filters

Lake Shore Cryotronics

Lake Shore introduces the BPF series of THz and IR band pass filters. Originally developed for NASA, these new filters are precision-built, stable over a wide temperature range, and immune to radiation, making them ideal for use in THz and millimeter wave imaging/security, ground and airborne-based astronomy, cryo-cooled astrophysics detectors, and general electro-optic research. Other common applications include THz and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and materials characterization, as well as THz device characterization and testing.

The BPF series includes more than 100 off-the-shelf filter models that cover more than 25 pass bands and 4 different aperture sizes.

Lake Shore will launch the BPF series the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Conference, 23-27 April, 2012, at the Baltimore Convention Center, in Baltimore, MD.