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Ion energy/flux analyser

Henniker Scientific

Henniker Scientific is pleased to announce that the Impedans SemionTM retarding field ion energy and flux analysers now feature an integrated time resolved operation mode for high time resolution studies of technological plasmas.

Pulsed plasmas are routinely used in a wide range of nano-materials processing and production, from plasma polymerised surfaces to super-hard tribiological coatings, and there is a fundamental requirement to understand the energy and flux of the ions that contribute to the thin film coating properties.

The SemionTM is a compact ion energy and flux analyser that directly measures these parameters at the substrate position, with an energy range up to 2500eV and at process pressures to 300mTorr, without the need for differential pumping.

The new time resolved mode feature extends the range of plasmas that can be studied to include pulsed systems such as HIPIMS, with ion energy distributions and flux now accessible for pulse frequencies up to 500kHz at a time resolution of just 44nS.