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Solar & Alternative Energy

Bonding adhesives

Adhesives Research
Adhesives Research announces a new bonding adhesive to enhance the capabilities and performance of a variety of photovoltaic (PV) modules.

Specifically for use in flexible thin film PV modules, Adhesives Research's moisture barrier PSA transfer film technology EL-92734 forms strong, flexible bonds while providing moisture and oxygen barrier properties required for dependable encapsulation. An alternative to liquid encapsulating materials, EL-92734 is a hydrophobic adhesive with excellent thermoxidative and ultra-violet (UV) stability. A benign, low-outgassing, non-corrosive and electrically clean adhesive, this PSA becomes active at 100◦C.

Additional benefits include:

• 1 mil optically clear transfer film
• Environmentally stable and chemically resistant
• Good moisture barrier properties, low equilibrium moisture uptake
• High clarity with low haze
• Stable bond with no cure time