Blue Palace Hotel
    Shanghai, China
    21 - 24 May 2017
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    The latest Research in High Power Lasers, Materials and Thin Films, Properties Modeling, and More

    Pacific Rim Laser Damage Symposium. Photo courtesy NIST.

    SPIE/SIOM Pacific Rim Laser Damage has now concluded.

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    Pacific Rim Laser Damage is the premier forum for scientists and engineers working in high power/high energy lasers, materials and thin films, durability, properties modeling, testing, and component fabrication. Go to the Pacific-Rim Laser Damage Chinese website.

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    Pacific Rim Laser Damage 2011 featured more than 85 presentations in these areas:

    Laser Damage of Optical Materials
     • High power laser damage, UV through IR
     • Ultrafast through CW laser irradiation effects
     • Laser ablation and laser machining
     • High laser damage resistant coatings
     • Defects, contamination, polishing, and surface damage
     • Characterization techniques and measurement protocols
     • Mechanisms, Modeling, and simulations
    Advanced Optical Materials
     • Nonlinear laser crystals
     • Laser ceramics
     • Optical glasses and fibers


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