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Lasers & Sources

Nanosecond laser


A recent addition to the TruMicro Series 7000, TRUMPF's new, high power green nanosecond laser, the TruMicro 7240, fiber delivers 300 watts of average power at a wavelength of 515 nm, through a 100 micron fiber core. Its unique combination of high average power, green wavelength and fiber delivery make this cavity dumped disk laser an ideal tool for selective heating of semiconductors, e.g. laser doping or laser annealing. Exploiting square or rectangular fibers for beam shaping further enhances the laser's application. The TruMicro 7240 was recently featured at SPIE Photonics West 2012 in January.

The lasers of the TruMicro Series 7000 offer high productivity in micro-processing, with an average power of up to 750 watts. Depending on wavelength, pulse durations of 30 ns or 300 ns can be used - with good beam quality. Therefore, a variety of applications such as cutting and drilling or large-area stripping, can be performed with power and precision.

  • Highest average power for high throughput
  • Efficient process parameters thanks to optimum combination of pulse length and beam quality for remote processing