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Sensing & Measurement

Digital oscilloscopes

Rigol Technologies, Inc.

Rigol Technologies, Inc. introduces the DS4000 series digital oscilloscope, a fast and versatile general purpose test instrument perfect for a wide range of applications. Available in 8 different models, the DS4000 series features bandwidths between 100MHz and 500MHz, sample rates up to 4GSa/s and 2 or 4 analog channels. The DS4000 offers a feature set unmatched by other scopes in its class, at a fraction of the cost.

Rigol's DS4000 series digital oscilloscope incorporates many advanced technologies and processes to make detecting signal and device characteristics easier than ever. These scopes can help find system glitches with 140 million points of memory depth and 110,000 waveforms per second acquisition rate. In addition, DS4000 series can search and navigate within up to 200,000 triggered waveforms with mask tests.

DS4000 digital oscilloscopes feature Rigol's innovative UltraVision technology and a 9 inch WVGA display to offer an intensity grading display and real-time waveform recording and waveform visualization and replay, with customizable real-time hardware filters available.

Designed to target the requirements of R&D engineers, production test engineers and advanced researchers, the easy-to-use DS4000 series is ideal for applications in the communications, aerospace/defense, research and education, industrial and consumer electronics, computing and instrumentation industries.