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Illumination & Displays

Laser-driven light sources


Energetiq Technology, Inc., announces that customers are now able to choose between a standard quartz bulb or an ozone-free quartz bulb on either the LDLSTM EQ-99 or EQ-99FC light source products. This enhancement allows the user to tailor the spectral range to their particular application while still maintaining the high brightness and long lamp life for which the LDLS products are renowned.

The standard synthetic quartz bulb produces light across the entire spectrum from 170nm through visible and into the infrared. The new ozone-free quartz bulb cuts off light below 250nm where ozone is produced, optimizing the spectrum for those applications where operation in the deep UV is not necessary. The new ozone-free bulb produces a broadband spectrum from 250nm to 2100nm with the same brightness across that range as the standard synthetic quartz bulb, and offers the same long lamp life.

The entire Energetiq LDLS product family will be on display at SPIE Photonics West and BiOS in San Francisco, January 21-26 2012.