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Sensing & Measurement

Tiny fiber optic Raman probe

B&W Tek

B&W Tek introduces the BAC200 Raman probe. With a diameter of less than 4mm and enhanced optical collection power, this fiber optic Raman probe is capable of delivering the performance of a larger probe.

The BAC200's design enables both immersion and direct contact measurements, allowing for measurements and applications previously not possible with standard Raman probes. The fused silica tip is housed in a stainless steel needle tube, allowing for a scratch resistant, easy-to-clean probe. Unlike other commercially available lensed fiber optic probes, the optical elements in the BAC200 are permanently fixed in alignment, with no possibility of movement due to impact or vibrations.

B&W Tek will be performing a live demonstration of the new BAC200 micro Raman probe 21-26 January 2012 at the SPIE Photonics West and BiOS exhibits in San Francisco.