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European Photonics Industry Consortium

Contact information

Thomas P. Pearsal
17, rue de l'Amiral Hamelin
75016 Paris, France
Tel: 04 91 05 69 21
Mobile: + 331 4505 7263
Email: pearsall@epic-assoc.com

Cluster Website


POPSUD - OPTITEC | Part of the European Cluster
POPsud, an association founded in 2000 at the initiative of industry and research organisations, is today a community with more than 170 deeply committed members, involved in industrial development, research and higher education in optics, photonics and image processing. It is a network that lives by exchanging ideas and know-how, that works to promote a competency, photonics, in the south of France, with the aim of placing it in the first rank at national and European level.