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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Ultra-fast scanning mass spectrometers

Henniker Scientific

The Extrel MAX Series quadrupole mass spectrometers from Henniker Scientific now feature dual, interchangeable analog and digital pulse ion counting pre-amplification stages that deliver individual data point acquisition at just 80 microseconds per sample.

Full range measurement over 10 decades is now possible with fractional mass unit detail at scan speeds in excess of 1000amu/sec, addressing a diverse range of fast transient studies in atomic and molecular physics and chemistry research.

Based around the industry leading 19mm triple filter quadrupole technology, each instrument is configurable with more than 25 ion source versions, choice of ion optics and energy filters for combined mass and energy analysis of positive and negative ions, and single or compound molecular beam inlet pressure reduction stages that span a wide pressure range from XHV to atmospheric pressure and above.

Mass range options extend to 16,000 amu for nano-cluster experiments, whereas high resolution versions are routinely capable of separating helium and deuterium. Partial pressures in the 10E-16mbar range can be measured with parts per billion abundance sensitivity and long term stability.