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Photo Editor's Gallery

SPIE members and friends are active around the world furthering the field of optics and photonics in numerous ways -- and often being recorded in memorable photographs and video. Our gallery presents some of the images that caught our photo editor's attention.

Edinburgh weather
"Big" weather: On the street outside the Edinburgh Convention Centre during SPIE Remote Sensing, it was easy to see which way the wind was blowing -- and which way it might be tomorrow.

Eustace Dereniak and Isaac Newton death mask at the Royal Observatory 
A plaster copy of the death mask of Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) caught the eye of SPIE 2012 President Eustace Dereniak at a visit in September to the Crawford Library at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. While the copy dates from the Victorian era, some of the more than 11,000 books and manuscripts in the library are hundreds of years older. Dereniak visited the library as part of a tour of several facilities in Scotland following SPIE Security + Defence and Remote Sensing 2012.


Bill Arnold JPEG
As 2012 SPIE President Elect, Bill Arnold has the task of chairing the society's strategic planning process this year. Above, Bill took the helm of a sailboat on Bellingham Bay as well during a break in planning sessions this week. The strategic plan will be reviewed by the full board at its meeting during SPIE Optics and Photonics in San Diego in August.


Smart Structures owl plenary JPEG
Sunni Robertson of the San Diego Zoo, California, USA, is accustomed to sharing podiums with animals. Above, Robertson and Shaman, a great horned owl, demonstrate the role of bio-inspiration in engineering at the recent SPIE Smart Structures and Non-destructive Evaluation symposium in San Diego. Observing the silent flight of the owl, engineers emulated the serated edges of owls' wings to decrease noise of bullet trains in Japan.

CIO SPIE Student Chapter JPEG
SPIE Student Chapter members at the Centro de investigaciones en Optica in León, Mexico, recently sent SPIE the laser-"drawn" photo message above along with their report on how they are spending an education outreach grant awarded by the society. CIO students are giving optics workshops to children and teenagers in isolated communities situated from 30 to 200 miles from León. CIO students have developed a variety of workshops, but focus on a solar kitchen lesson that not only teaches about alternative energy sources, but also can be used in helping to improve the local economy. So far, 5,000 children and teenagers -- mostly 10- to 12-year-olds -- in 100 communities have been reached through the program, said CIO outreach coordinator and SPIE Senior Member Cristina Solano. As part of its education outreach mission, SPIE provides support for optics- and photonics-related education outreach projects all over the world. The next deadline for the competitive award process is 31 May.

JPEG of Pilobolus
The Grammy-nominated 3D music video "All Is Not Lost" by OK Go featuring the dance group Pilobolus was among presentations booked for the 3D cinema session at IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2012 in January in San Francisco, California, USA. (Photo provided by Eric Kurland, 3D director and editor of the video.)

Matthias Machnig JPEG
Getting it on video: "Ecology will be the economy of the 21st century, and the most energy-efficient company or region will be the most competitive," Matthias Machnig (above), Thuringian Minister of Economy, Labor and Technology said in a plenary talk at SPIE Photonics West. Machnig was one of nearly two dozen partipants interviewed during the meeting by the SPIE Newsroom -- see them all on SPIE.tv.

cool drinks JPEG
Cool drinks of a sort were served during a reception at the optics.org booth at the Photonics West 2012 exhibition in San Francisco. With lights activated by liquid, the ice cubes were more about looking cool than lowering the temperature of drinks being enjoyed -- still, very cool.

3 Rivers laser camp JPEG
First rule of laser camp? Don't look into the laser! STEM ed maven and SPIE Senior Member Judith Donnelly and colleagues from Three Rivers Community College taught students about optics technology during a recent "laser camp" event in Connecticut. The event is one of numerous outreach activities and programs supported by SPIE.

ALOP in Rwanda
ALOP volunteers traveled to Rwanda (above) n 2011 for an ALOP workshop to train optics teachers. The team also presented a workshop in Nepal in 2011, and was due to present in Tunisia and Aremenia in 2012.

JPEG photo
SPIE 2012 President Eustace Dereniak (College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, USA) stays true to his roots: the optical engineering scientist also spends time tending the family farm in Michigan.

JPEG photo
From the archives: SPIE Board of Directors and committee member Hugo Thienpont (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), at left, dons a hard hat for a look at reconstruction of the Square conference center in Brussels with project managers (September 2008). The Square will again be the venue for SPIE Photonics Europe in 2012.



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