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Sensing & Measurement

High energy detection

Andor Technology

Andor Technology announces the availability of a new, comprehensive High Energy Detection portfolio. Presented in a new brochure and web launch, Andor's versatile range of high-performance camera detection solutions span the Vacuum UV, Extreme UV, Soft X-Ray, Hard X-ray, and Gamma energy ranges, via either ‘direct detection' of incoming high energy photons or ‘indirect detection' of photons emitted from a fiber-optic or lens-coupled phosphor/scintillator.

Andor's high energy detection solutions are built around an extensive range of imaging and spectroscopy camera platforms and sensor options. Furthermore, each platform can be configured to interface with a variety of sampling environments, such as ‘in-vacuum', ‘vacuum-attached' or ‘stand-alone Beryllium window' designs. Cameras can also be configured with a protruding fiber optic, bonded to the sensor at one end, ideal for detection of Hard X-ray or Gamma photons via indirect detection.