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    Venue and Travel

    [Generic Call Template for CMS]

    [Call Copy from Meetings for [Name of Symposium] [Year]

    Conference Location

    [Picture of facility from Graphic files]

    SPIE [Name of Symposium] Symposium will be held at the [Name of facility, address]

    On this page:

    • Hotels
    • Travel
    • Venue
    • Visa Information and Invitation Requests [hyperlink]

    [Anchor link] Hotels [Head 8]

    Opening of the hotel reservation process for [Name of Symposium Year] is scheduled for approximately [month, year].  SPIE will arrange special discounted hotel rates for SPIE attendees that will be available when housing opens.

    Please do NOT call SPIE for information. This website will be kept current with any updates.

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    [anchor link] Travel [head 8]

    Student Travel Contingency Grants [standard bold]
    A limited number of SPIE contingency student travel grants [hyperlink] will be awarded based on need. Applications must be received no later than 10 weeks prior to the meeting. Eligible applicants must present an accepted paper at this meeting. Offer applies to undergraduate/graduate students who are enrolled full-time and have not yet received their PhD.

    About [Name of City] [standard, bold]
    [Information about the City]

    Visit the [Name of City] Visitor Site for more information about the local area.

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    [Anchor link] Venue [Head 8]

    [Name of Facility]
    [Street Address]
    [City, State, zipcode] USA

    The [Name of Facility] [interesting information about the facility]

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