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    Chairs & Committees Members

    Information for Conference Chairs

    Information for Program Committee Members

    Information for Session Chairs

    Conference Timeline and Due Dates

    25 June 2006

    Call for Papers due from conference chairs to Sandy Hoelterhoff

    5 November 2006

    Abstracts due

    19 November 2006

    Short Course proposals due for Education Program

    3 December 2006

    Advance Program due from conference chairs to Sandy Hoelterhoff

    25 March 2007

    Student Grant Applications due from student authors to Sandy Hoelterhoff

    18 March 2007

    Final Program changes due from conference chairs to Sandy Hoelterhoff

    23 April 2007

    Manuscripts due for all conferences with post-meeting proceedings, submit via

    20-24 May 2007

    Conference Dates Florence, Italy

    11 June 2007

    Manuscript Reviews completed by conference chairs

    Information for Conference Chairs

    Call for Papers

    Include the following elements in the Call for Papers (SPIE reserves the right to edit copy, as necessary:

    • Focused conference title
    • Conference chair(s) full name(s), affiliation(s), and contact information (mailing address, phone, fax, and email)
    • List of confirmed program committee members, including affiliations, mailing address, phone, fax, and email
      • program committee should be diversified, active, and from a variety of countries and affiliations
      • committee members should have expertise in your conference topics
      • committee members should be active in soliciting abstracts and evaluating submissions for acceptance in the program
    • Introductory paragraph describing the intended content of your conference and an invitation to contribute papers
    • Bulleted phrases which highlight specific topics of interest

    • View a sample Call for Papers

    Print a Call for Papers Worksheet

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    How the Call for Papers will be used to generate papers for your conference:

    • An electronic flyer will be emailed to you and your committee to use in soliciting papers and encouraging conference attendance
    • A Composite Call for Papers will be mailed to appropriate SPIE mailing lists
    • Electronic promotions and the placement of the Call online will enable interested participants to view your conference Call for Papers and respond with electronic abstract submissions

    Abstract Solicitation, Submission, and Presentation

    • The abstract due date for this conference is insert abstract due date
    • Involve your program committee in the search for conference participants. Although the Call for Papers reaches many interested persons, personal contact does the most to produce a full and interesting program
    • Direct all speakers (including invited speakers) to submit their abstracts to your conference by this date. This will give you and I immediate access to their abstract
    • Do not offer fee waivers, or author support without contacting me first
    • As you contact your colleagues to submit abstracts, please be sure to let them know the following:
    • When submitting an abstract, all authors must agree to the following conditions:
      • An author or coauthor (including keynote, invited, and solicited speakers) will register at the reduced author registration rate, attend the meeting, and make the presentation as scheduled. (Current SPIE Members receive an additional discount on the registration fee.)
      • Authors and coauthors attending the meeting will obtain funding for their registration fees, travel, and accommodations, independent of SPIE, through their sponsoring organizations before submitting abstracts
      • All clearances, including government and company clearance, have been obtained to present and publish. DoD contractors need to allow at least 60 days for clearance
      • SPIE is authorized to circulate the abstracts to conference committee members for review and selection purposes
      • Accepted abstracts may be published in printed, CD-ROM, and web programs promoting the conference. Only abstracts that are suitable for publication should be submitted
      • A full-length manuscript (8-12 pages) for all accepted oral or poster presentation will be submitted for publication in the SPIE Digital Library and conference Proceedings
      • We continue to enforce the "no present, no publish" policy. Authors should be aware that their presentations must be given as scheduled at the meeting, or the manuscripts will not be included in the conference Proceedings, or the SPIE Digital Library, unless there is an unusual situation that might warrant consideration. The final decision will be made by the conference chairs and SPIE.

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    MySPIE Presentation Abstract and Manuscript Review Information

    The MySPIE submission and review system allows you to quickly and easily view and review abstracts submitted to your conference. Conference chairs and committee members can monitor and review abstract submissions in real time via which also helps determine who still needs to submit.

    MySPIE Conference Chair Review System Information and Step-by-Step Instructions

    Print theMySPIE Technical Committee Review Step-by-Step Instructions

    If you, or any of your committee members, run into difficulties with MySPIE, please don't hesitate to direct them to me for assistance.

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    Advance Technical Program

    Advance Programs are due to me 3 December 2006. It is very important to have the programs done by this date so that I can notify authors of acceptance early enough so that authors can begin to navigate through the visa application process, make travel arrangements, finalize funding from their organizations, and begin to write their manuscripts.

    • Conferences should have 32-36 accepted submissions for a two-day conference (more submissions are certainly acceptable). Note: SPIE reserves the right to cancel or combine conferences of less than 20 viable submissions.
    • Program templates and additional instructions will be sent to all chairs as the advance program due date approaches.
    • Once you have reviewed the abstracts, or during the process, begin determining session categories and place papers in sessions.
      Please include the following information with your program:
      • Session Titles
      • Conference chairs will also need to invite and confirm session chairs at this stage (program committee members are often assigned as session chairs). Note that:
        • Full Names, affiliations, of session chairs (include contact information if the session chairs are not already on your program committee
        • Session chair duties include, but are not limited to, contacting authors within their session in advance to confirm that they are attending the meeting, introducing the session topic and each speaker, maintaining the printed schedule, and tracking session changes
        • Participation should be confirmed before including them in your program
      • List of paper numbers in each session, in sequence, with invited papers noted
        • Invited papers are generally allocated 30-40 minutes; be sure to identify these for me
        • Keynote papers are generally allocated 40-60 minutes
        • Contributed papers are generally allocated 20 minutes
        • Due to visa issues, we're recommending that individuals from the following countries be placed just prior to coffee breaks or lunch, or at the end of the day: China, Russia, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkey
      • List of poster papers
      • If you received papers that fit better into another conference, please make sure to let me know so that I can let the other conference chairs know
      • List of rejected papers (add reminder about quality)
      • Allow 20-30 minutes for the morning and afternoon breaks which will occur between 10-11:00 am and 3-4:00 pm each day, and allow at least 1 hour for lunch.
    • Conference chairs and committee members are encouraged to make suggestions for possible panel discussions and workshops.
    • Once the advance program is finalized, I will notify all of the authors by email of acceptance/rejection.

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    Final Technical Program

    Conferences are promoted through the Advance Technical program (mailed and online). Since there are often changes (such as cancellations) after the Advance Technical program has been printed, we print a Final Technical program that is distributed onsite that reflects the most up-to-date information at the time of printing.

    • Updated programs are due from the chairs 18 March 2007. Changes from the Advance program should be minimized as much as possible for the Final program as authors and attendees make their plans based on the Advance program.
    • Cancellations you receive should be sent to Sandy Hoelterhoff ( so that we can track them. I will also notify you of any cancellations we receive.

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    Manuscript Review for Conference Proceedings Volume

    Chairs also act as Proceedings Editors and work with their designated SPIE Staff Proceedings Editor to collect all delinquent manuscripts and resolve any publications issues

    • An SPIE Staff Proceedings Editor will be assigned to your conference once volume numbers are assigned before the Advance program goes to print
    • Conference chairs are expected to make certain that each manuscript is reviewed by one or more committee members, a session chair, or by her/himself.
    • Manuscripts are posted on the Web and accessible to assigned reviewers through
    • PrintMySPIE Conference Chair Review System Information and Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Print theMySPIE Technical Committee Review Step-by-Step Instructions

      Post-Meeting Volume Manuscripts Due from Authors

      Manuscripts are due 22 April 2007 for Conference Proceedings volumes that will be shipped 4-6 weeks after the meeting.
      Reviews must be completed by 11 June 2007

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    20-24 May 2007 Fluctuations and Noise

    Once onsite, conference chairs are expected to:

    • Pick up their registration materials and chair packet at the Chair Registration Desk
    • Check for any late program updates on the room sign outside of the meeting room
    • Provide backup for session chairs and deal with any no-show presentations (according to SPIE guidelines)
    • Distribute the session forms to each session chair so they can track changes in their session
    • Ensure that the session forms are returned to the Registration Desk or the AV room monitor when completed before the end of the conference. Authors will have been notified that SPIE enforces a no-present, no-publish policy, so it is very important that the session forms provided by SPIE be returned to us!

    If you are also Chairing a Session within the Conference, view the Information for Session Chairs

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    Education Program

    SPIE would like to solicit your input on possible short courses to consider for inclusion in this program. As conference chairs and leaders in this community we feel you are in an excellent position to advise on this group's continuing education needs.

    When suggesting possible courses it would be helpful for your proposal to include the following:

    1. Suggested course title and a list of topics to be covered
    2. Suggested instructor with contact information
    3. Suggested course length (usually half-day or full-day)

    Once we receive input from selected conference chairs, suggestions will be reviewed and decisions made about which courses are most appropriate for this audience. We will be able to include only those courses with the best chance of success at this meeting, so please be aware that we may not follow up on all of your suggestions. In order be considered for this program we will need your suggestions no later than insert date.

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    Registration Fee

    Registration fees include admittance to all conferences, plenaries, panel discussions, workshops, poster sessions, coffee breaks, the welcome reception, and a proceedings plan of your choice.

    Conference Chairs
    Conference chairs receive a full fee waiver and a complimentary copy of the proceedings volume.  Conference chairs do not need to complete a registration form unless they wish to purchase other items such as a banquet ticket or additional proceedings volumes.

    Co-chairs, Program Committee Members, Session Chairs, Invited, Keynote, and Contributed Speakers
    These individuals pay the discounted author registration fee.


    A reduced rate is available for full-time student attendees, including student authors.

    Individuals who want to attend the technical conferences, but who are not authors, pay the full registration fee.

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    Author Support for Registration Fee

    SPIE has a very limited registration fee support budget that is reserved for needy authors who have not received support from SPIE in the past. We ask that you do not offer financial assistance from SPIE to any authors without first obtaining approval. As our support budget is very limited, it must be allocated very carefully. Please send any requests for assistance to me via email on or before insert date 6 weeks prior to symp. Early requests are encouraged since once the budget is used we will not be granting additional support. Thank you for your help in this!


    • As a nonprofit society SPIE actively seeks sponsorship funds to help support expenses related to our events.
    • If you have special speakers who need more support than SPIE can provide please contact potential sponsors or send the contact information directly to me and SPIE will be happy to contact them on your behalf.
    • Funds received from these sponsors can be earmarked to directly benefit your conference.
    • Be aware that SPIE will contact some companies, universities, and government organizations on behalf of the whole meeting to help with expenses related to coffee breaks, special events, and for a general author support fund. If you are aware of an organization that may be interested in providing general sponsorship please contact our Sales Manager, Mr. Al Ragan (

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    Student Travel Contingency Grant Program

    SPIE commiserates with full-time students who may need some financial assistance to present their papers at our technical conferences.

    • If you are aware of such a student please direct them to the SPIE Contingency Student Travel Grant page to determine if they are eligible for consideration.
    • Students who apply will request a letter from the conference chair that states their paper presentation is necessary for the success of the conference.
    • In addition to this letter, students complete other paperwork and submit proof of full-time student status.
    • Applications and supporting material are due 10 weeks prior to the meeting (on or before insert date 10 weeks prior to symp).
    • Please note that only limited funds are available to help a limited number of students.

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    Information for Program Committee Members

    • Assist Conference Chairs in soliciting abstracts
    • Participate in the presentation abstract and manuscript review processes
    • Serve as Session Chair as requested by Conference Chairs
    • See Information for Session Chairs
    • Contact authors in the Sessions to confirm their attendance
    • Conference Timeline
    • View Conference Timeline and Due Dates

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    Information for Session Chairs

    Before the Conference:

    • Please view the Technical Program for information about the session you are chairing.
    • A copy of the author biographies will be sent to you.
    • Contacting the presenters in your session(s) is a way of ensuring their attendance and commitment to the meeting.
    • If biographies for authors in the session you are chairing are missing, please email the authors and request brief biographies so that you can properly introduce them before their presentation.
    • Preregister for the meeting by 11 May 2007 and received $100 off the onsite registration fee. As a Session Chair you receive the reduced Author/Session Chair/Committee registration rate.

    At the Conference:

    • Check for any late program updates on the room sign outside of the meeting room.
    • You will receive a Session Report Form from the Conference Chair to use in tracking changes in your session.
    • Return the forms to the Registration Desk, the AV Desk, or the AV room monitor. It is very important that these forms are returned to SPIE for paper and publication records.

    Chairing the Session:

    • Introduce the session topic
    • Introduce the speakers
    • Maintain the program schedule
    • Be prepared for the unexpected!

    If you find a presenter has failed to attend:

    • Note the no show on the Session Report form
    • DO NOT move to the next paper. Attendees plan for the talks they want to hear based on the published schedule. Choose one of these options:
      • Fill in the *hole* with a standby paper (if there are no official standby authors for your session, make arrangements in advance to have one or two *no strings* [no manuscript] presenters on hand)
      • Open the floor to an extended Q&A session for speakers who have already presented
      • Have one or two controversial topics ready for discussion
      • Bring a topic on your laptop for presentation and/or discussion
      • Open the floor for discussion on any topic of interest to the audience
    • Start the next talk at its published, scheduled time.

    If you have any questions or need more information, please contact your technical programs coordinator, Sandy Hoelterhoff (

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