Zhejiang International Conv. Ctr.
    Hangzhou, China
    26 - 30 October 2008
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    Invitation from the Chairs

    Please join us in Hangzhou for APOC 2008!

    It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the 8th SPIE Asia-Pacific Optical Communications (APOC), one of the world's major conferences in the field of optical communications, which will be held 26-30 October 2008 in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, situated in the fast-developing "Changjiang Triangle" area surrounding the Hangzhou Bay, the strongest economic region in China. The conference is organized by the Chinese Optical Society, SPIE and the Joint Research Center of Photonics of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Zhejiang University.

    APOC 2008 will also include an industry exhibition.

    On October 27, APOC 2008 will feature a half day of plenary presentations on a range of high-interest topics, given by executives and experts from the optical communications and telecom communities, as described in the Conference and Special Events sections here. The staging of half-day plenary presentations has been a very successful trademark of APOC.

    We have accepted and scheduled 625 of the best invited and contributed papers by many of the world's most prominent researchers from academia and industry.

    Three workshops will be given: The first one is Photonics for Sustainable Development, a very timely issue. The second workshop will deal with Challenges, Opportunities and Complementarities in Photonics and Electronics for Next-generation Systems and Networks and the third one addresses Challenges in Optical Network Deployment and Services Rollout. All workshops are given on Sunday, October 26th. One complimentary short course on the hot topic of Nanophotonics Devices for Optical Communications will be given, also on Sunday.

    A full-day Industry Forum with emphasis on Chinese and international business and market developments will enable you to learn from telecom executives and technical managers about new business opportunities. The APOC Technical Program Committee is pleased to continue the selection of the Best Student Paper Awards, which will be given to students who are first authors and presenters of exceptional contributed talks. One winner each will be selected for the four subject areas of the conference.

    We are sure that you will enjoy your stay in Hangzhou, the city which is also called "paradise on earth," and which is one of the most popular scenic tourism and historical culture cities in China. Marco Polo, the Italian traveler who visited the city in the 13th century, said that it was "the finest and most splendid and luxurious city in the world." Hangzhou has throughout history been also known as a city of learning and is today home of one of China's highest ranking universities, Zhejiang University (ZJU). ZJU is also where optical engineering in China was born with the establishment of the Laboratory of Optical Instrumentation in 1952. Fuyang City, the "Optical Valley" of Zhejiang province, is home to several large Chinese fiber-optic cable and component manufacturers and is only about a 45-minute drive away.

    On Monday October 27, we will have a Welcome Reception for all conference attendees. A banquet will be held on Wednesday evening and a visit to a large-scale night performance, the Impression West Lake - a unique show in Hangzhou, will also be arranged. Sightseeing tours will be organized before and after the conferences. On Friday October 31, interested attendees may visit Fuyang City to explore business opportunities with local fiber-optic companies and government officials. The visits and meetings will be sponsored by the Fuyang government, with an excursion tour to Thousand-Islands Lake.

    We welcome your participation in this important international event and are looking forward to meeting you at APOC 2008 in beautiful and historic Hangzhou!

    Symposium Chairs:

    Lars Thylén
    Joint Research Ctr. of Photonics of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Zhejiang University (China)

    Wei Yang
    Zhejiang University

    Bingkun Zhou
    Tsinghua University

    General Technical Chairs

    Kwok-Wai Cheung, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

    Dominique Chiaroni, Alcatel-Lucent (France)

    Chinlon Lin,  Nanyang Technological Univ. (Singapore) 

    Local Organizing Committee

    Jian-Jun He, Zhejiang Univ. (China)­­­­-Chair

    Lars Thylén, Joint Research Ctr. of Photonics of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Zhejiang Univ. (China)

    Sailing He, Joint Research Ctr. of Photonics of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Zhejiang Univ. (China)

    Xinkun Wu, Zhejiang Univ. (China)

    Erik Forsberg, Joint Research Ctr. of Photonics of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Zhejiang Univ. (China)

    Gabriel Somesfalean, Joint Research Ctr. of Photonics of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Zhejiang Univ. (China)

    Jun Hu, Zhejiang Univ. (China)

    Steering Committee

    Chung-en Zah, Corning Inc. (USA)-Chair

    Yasuhiko Arakawa, Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)

    Connie Chang-Hasnain, Univ. of California, Berkeley (USA)

    Yixin Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (China)

    Yun C. Chung, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)

    Chongcheng Fan, Tsinghua Univ. (China)

    Jim Hsieh, Sheaumann Inc. (USA)

    Weisheng Hu, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.(China)

    Peter Kaiser, Santec Corp. (USA)

    Fumio Koyama, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

    Tien P. Lee, Consultant, Bell Communications Research (retired) (USA)

    Tingye Li, AT&T Labs.(retired) (USA)

    Shoa-kai Liu, Rustic Canyon Partners (USA)

    Yi Luo,Tsinghua Univ. (China)

    Qian Mao, Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (China) and China Institute of Communications (China)

    Xiaomin Ren, Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications (China)

    Jinxue Wang, Raytheon (USA)

    Jiaying Wang, ZTE Corp. (China)

    Shizhong Xie, Tsinghua Univ.(China)

    Anshi Xu,PekingUniv. (China)

    Herwig Zech, Siemens Shanghai (China)

    Bingkun Zhou, Tsinghua Univ. (China)

    Ex-officio Members of the Steering Committee

    Lars Thylén, Joint Research Ctr. of Photonics of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Zhejiang Univ. (China)

    Kwok-Wai Cheung, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

    International Advisory Committee

    Rodney C. Alferness, Alcatel-Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs. (USA)

    Joseph Berthold, Ciena Corp. (USA)

    Lianghui Chen, Institute of Semiconductors (China)

    Alan Dowdell, Corning China Ltd. (China)

    Shuping He, Fiberhome Communications Co., Ltd. (China)

    Ivan P. Kaminow, Univ. of California, Berkeley (USA)

    Charles K. Kao, ITX Services Ltd. (Hong Kong, China)

    Jingtong Lin, Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications (China)

    Yung-Sheng Liu, Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan)

    Yukou Mochida, France Telecom Group (Japan)

    Kangnan Qi, Tsinghua Univ. (China)

    Ken-Ichi Sato, Nagoya Univ. (Japan)

    Ping Shum, Nanyany Technological Univ. (Singapore)

    Kristian E. Stubkjaer, Technical Univ. Denmark (Denmark)

    Daikou Tei, Santec Corp. (Japan)

    Yoshihiro Uda, NEC Corp. (Japan)

    Hequan Wu, China Academy of Telecommunications Technology (China)

    Hisaharu Yanagawa, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan)

    Fei Yuan, ZTE Corp.(China)


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