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    SPIE Abstract and Manuscript Review

    Welcome to the SPIE Chair Review System

    The Chair Review System is comprised of two main page, "View by Reviewers" and "View by Papers."

    Here is a list of what is included on the "View by Reviewers" page and the tasks you can complete from this page:

     Review System Tour

    1. The "View by Reviewers" page includes all of your main review tasks, information, and navigation for the Review System
    2. The "View by Papers" page includes a summary of review comments, ratings and recommendations for individual papers.
    3. "View all" shows Reviewers for your conference and how many reviews are assigned to them out of the total number of papers submitted (Click on a name to get a list assigned to a specific Reviewer)
    4. Conferences may be set up to assign individual papers to Reviewers
    5. SPIE staff can easily "assign all papers to all Reviewers"
    6. Chairs and Co-Chairs are automatically given access to all papers
    7. Conference Title
    8. Papers can be filtered by review status (pending, accepted, rejected), or by invited papers
    9. This title displays which list you are viewing, in this case, "All Papers-Summary"
    10. Papers that have Reviewers assigned to them appear in this list
    11. This area displays how many papers have received your final decision and how many are left to finish
    12. You may "select all" of the papers to view, or a subset by checking the individual boxes
    13. The dropdown includes all of the actions that can be performed on the papers you have selected:
      • View Details (for a selected list of papers)
      • Assign Reviewers
      • Add Review Ratings and Comments
      • Make Final Decisions by Paper and Email Review Comments
      • Edit Final Decisions by Group (of papers)
    14. Email the review assignments to the Reviewers
    15. Click on a paper title in the "All Papers-Summary" list to:



    "View by Papers" page

    This page includes the detailed summary review information for each papers. From this page you can view:

    • The numbers following the paper titles (for example, 0 of 4) show how many reviews have been completed out of the number of reviewers assigned to each paper.
    • Click on a paper title in the list to view the Reviewers assigned to that paper.
    • To unassign a review from a Reviewer, select the checkbox for the Reviewer and click "Unassign."

    View (paper) details and the attached file

    view paper details

    Add review comments, ratings, and a recommendation

    review comments

    View all comments made by the Reviewers

    reviewer comments

    Add your final decision of whether to accept, reject, or request a revision

    chair final decision