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Solar & Alternative Energy

Concentrator photovoltaic system


Soitec introduces its fifth generation of concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems with enhanced features and performance characteristics specifically designed to benefit large-scale utility power plants. The new product configuration delivers higher efficiency and lower cost of electricity.

Soitec's new CPV system includes a 28 kW tracker of over 100 square-meters of module area, the optimum size to deliver high performance while drastically reducing the cost of installation and maintenance. It is designed to improve the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE) for very large solar power plants. While employing the same proven, reliable materials as the previous generation, the new system's configuration improves upon Soitec's previous CPV products, boosting energy-generating efficiencies as high as 30 percent by introducing evolutionary improvements to Soitec's ConcentrixTM technology.

In addition to product improvements, Soitec offers power companies a path to lower costs and faster installation times by using an innovative "building block" approach developed by Soitec and its partners. The new CPV systems are designed to be clustered into over 1 MW blocks, with each block using a pair of centralized inverters. This design strategy significantly reduces construction and maintenance costs.

The new system consists of 12 CPV modules, each generating more than 2 kW of peak power. For this new product, Soitec has reconfigured its Concentrix modules to reduce the number of parts per CPV system, making installation in the field simpler and faster. By leveraging the field-proven CPV cells, high concentration ratio and silicone-on-glass Fresnel lens construction used in previous generations of Concentrix products, the new system delivers the same high reliability and life expectancy.

Soitec's two-axis-tracking CPV systems are well suited for installation sites with high direct solar radiation. The systems produce a high, constant power output curve throughout the day and are able to match peak-load demands.