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Sensing & Measurement

Robust, flexible, tiny vision system

Teledyne DALSA

BOA Pro combines the robustness of Teledyne's highly integrated BOA smart camera with the power and flexibility of their advanced SherlockTM inspection software. The result is a compact industrial vision solution with diverse applicability across all manufacturing segments.

The BOA smart camera is offered with a range of sensor resolutions, performance grades and software to accommodate the needs of both application and user. The embedded software is setup via a local PC connection to BOA using Ethernet. Once configured for runtime, the Ethernet link can be disconnected or used to communicate with other devices on the factory floor, such as PLCs, Robots and HMIs. In addition to Ethernet, BOA cameras provide direct connections for RS-232 serial, discrete I/O and lamp control. BOA cameras are supported by various hardware and software accessories to simplify factory integration.