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SPIE Guidelines for Professional Conduct and Publishing Ethics

The Vision Statement of SPIE states that the Society will serve the international community as the premier provider of education, information, and resources covering optics, photonics, and their applications. It is the purpose of this statement to advance this vision by presenting ethical guidelines for Society members, collaborators, and participants.

  • Each optical engineer and scientist is a citizen of the international community of science.
  • Each shares responsibility for the welfare of this community.
  • Science and engineering are best advanced when there is mutual trust, based upon honest behavior, throughout the community.
  • Acts of deception, or any other acts that deliberately compromise the advancement of science, are unacceptable.
  • Honesty must be regarded as the cornerstone of ethics in science.
  • Professional integrity in the formulation, conduct, and reporting of engineering and scientific activities reflect not only on the reputations of individual scientists and engineers and their organizations, but also on the image and credibility of the field of optics as perceived by scientific colleagues, government, and the public.
  • It is important that the tradition of ethical behavior be carefully maintained and transmitted with enthusiasm to future generations.
  • Our engineers and scientists have an individual and a collective responsibility to ensure that there is no compromise with these guidelines.
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