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Optical Design & Engineering

Illumination and optical analysis software

Lambda Research

TracePro 7.1 is the latest release of Lambda Research's award-winning illumination and optical analysis software. This release features dramatic new visualization capabilities, new path-sorting, enhanced ray sorting and a new multi-core thread setting.

The new 3D visualization feature displays irradiance, illuminance, CIE and true color plots directly on selected curved and planar surfaces and parts in the system view. These 3D plots are intended to help users visually track the propagation of light through any ray-traced system with complete pan, zoom and rotation of the view using standard mouse manipulation. This new graphical capability provides new insight and understanding in how energy and color propagates through an optical/illumination system, providing in-depth views to track down unwanted light and uniformity issues.

The new path sorting feature is perfect for in-depth system analysis. This new feature identifies every non-sequential ray path both quantitatively, using the built-in spreadsheet, and visually, in the system view. This new feature can be used in conjunction with the system view and irradiance/illuminance plots to track down problematic stray light, unwanted energy, and ghost paths in display, lighting, and aerospace applications.

The new enhanced ray sorting feature has been added to visually show bulk scatter and diffraction paths as separate ray paths in the system view. This enhanced feature is especially critical for understanding bulk scatter events in both medical and stray light applications.

A new option has been added to specify the specific number of threads to use on a multi-core computer. This feature sets the number of cores that TracePro can use while leaving other cores free for foreground applications.