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Submit Your Manuscript

Manuscripts must be submitted to SPIE with text and figures formatted in one document exactly as you would like it to appear when published, in accordance with SPIE's manuscript specifications.  

SPIE's manuscript submission system is located at MySPIE.org
Because each volume has manuscripts that come from diverse sources, SPIE accepts only .ps, .prn, .doc, .docx, and .rtf files. Other formats, such as PDF files, will not upload. Color illustrations in manuscripts will appear in the SPIE Digital Library and in Symposium Proceedings on CD-ROM at no charge. Please note:

Steps for Electronic Submission

  1. Login to MySPIE.org.  If you do not have a MySPIE login id yet, please follow instructions to create one. Use the same email address that you have used previously with SPIE when you create your id.
  2. Your MySPIE login page will have a link or menu selection to upload your manuscript. (A MySPIE proceedings manuscript number looks like this: 4417-72.) While you do this process, indicate any pages to be printed in color for the volume and the page size of your manuscript--letter or A4.
  3. A few minutes after you upload your paper, it will be available for you to view the upload as a new .pdf. If you are already logged into MySPIE, a link to "approve manuscript" will appear. You will also receive an email telling you the upload is ready for your approval. Disregard the "reformatting" messages in the email you receive unless the upload failed. Follow the automatic link and instructions for approving the upload.
  4. Submit your Transfer of Copyright form, which is required for publication.

Submission problems?

If you are having trouble with your manuscript upload you can receive help from your SPIE Staff Proceedings Editor or general SPIE Proceedings help email Authors@SPIE.org. The tips below may be helpful for problems when viewing uploaded manuscripts for author approval.

  1. Fonts are incorrect or missing text. Often the problem is fonts that were not included in a Postscript file or the manuscript does not use standard fonts like Times Roman or Arial.
  2. Manuscript number does not appear when you log in to MySPIE.org. Often it is because only the "Contact Author" for the manuscript can view and approve the manuscript. The problem may also be that you have created a second MySPIE account, and it is not correctly linked to your manuscript in SPIE's database.
  3. Margins do not fit the red box. For margin specifications, please see the sample manuscript or SPIE's manuscript specifications. If you submitted a Word file, and are seeing the text pushed up and left, and your Track Changes comments are appearing, the problem is that you need to first "Accept All Changes" and then turn off Track Changes in the Tools menu of your Microsoft Word file.  
  4. Page breaks are awkward. If you are having page break problems, a helpful trick is to format your paper with a slightly larger bottom margin than in SPIE's manuscript specifications.