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Review of Proceedings Manuscripts

Conference Chairs/Editors are expected to assess papers for technical merit, suitability of content, and clarity. The process for assessing manuscripts for publication in SPIE proceedings is managed differently by chair/editors of different conferences. Conference Chairs/Editors may require manuscript revision before approving publication, and reserve the right to reject for publication any paper that does not meet content or quality expectations or manuscript requirements. SPIE's decision whether to publish a manuscript is final.

Proceedings of SPIE provide rapid reporting on ideas, techniques, and results of current research. Papers may be status reports of work in progress or descriptions of completed research. Many papers are acceptable as submitted. When assessing a manuscript, reviewers are asked to verify whether the paper:

  • is technically sound
  • contains new, original research content or scientific concepts
  • is non-commercial in nature
  • includes sufficient technical data and description to explain results and support conclusions
  • includes adequate and appropriate references
  • is written clearly, with all text and figures readily understandable to the reader.

Privileged information or ideas obtained through access to conference abstracts and manuscripts prior to presentation or publication for the purpose of conference organization or peer review must be kept confidential and must not be used for competitive gain.