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Creating a PostScript File

To create a PostScript file from your word-processing program

  • Open your manuscript in the Word Processing program in which it was created. 
  • From the File menu, choose Print and select the PostScript printer from your list of available printers and click on OK. (Note: if you do not have a PostScript printer driver installed on your computer or computer network, you must first install a PostScript printer driver before proceeding.)  
  • A box should then pop up with Print to File in the title bar and a box for you to type in the name of a file. The name it wants is the name of a temporary output file where it will put the text and codes that would normally be sent directly to the printer. Do not put in the name of the file that you are printing or you will overwrite it. If, for example, the file that you are printing is called manuscript.doc, then it is a useful convention to call the output file manuscript.ps. 
  • If the Print to File box does not give you the option to navigate to where you would like the output file to go, you will need to give the full pathname, like this:

Print-To-File Image

  • Click on OK and the output file will be created. To confirm, navigate to the folder where you sent the output file (C:\TEMP in the example above), and find your file - it should be called manuscript.ps but you may find that Windows has added an extra .prn suffix, making it manuscript.ps.prn.

Confirm and upload

  • This is the file that you will upload to SPIE through MySPIE.org. If you wish to check it before submitting, right click on the file and choose Open With... from the context menu. You can either open it with Notepad to view the PostScript code, or if you wish to view the Manuscript in the PostScript file as it will appear in PDF open it with GhostView.
  • Upload this PostScript file to SPIE at MySPIE.org. (File size must be 45MB or smaller)

To create a PostScript file from a PDF file

  • To create a PostScript file from a PDF file, you can either:
  1. print to file following the same steps outlined above for word processing programs, or
  2. if you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat (not Reader), you can simply go to File/Save As… and save as a .ps file.

**Note: there is a higher likelihood of fonts and symbols dropping or substituting when printing to file from PDF.

  • Follow the Confirm and upload instructions.

To create a PostScript file from LaTeX style files