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Solar & Alternative Energy

ARPA-E earns praise as House committee proposes 44% cut

AIP Bulletin
28 June 2011

Without a stated reason in the committee report, the FY 2012 House Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill recommends, as compared to this year, a cut of 44.3 percent or $79.6 million in the FY 2012 budget for the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. The $100.0 million level in the proposed bill stands in stark contrast to the $550.0 million Administration request. An attempt to increase this funding was rejected when the bill was considered by the full committee, with notable opposition from a senior Democratic member.

The appropriators devoted two pages to ARPA-E in the committee report accompanying the bill that were, on balance, very supportive of the agency.

Full story from FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News