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Defense & Security

Airborne thermal hyperspectral system


SPECIM, Spectral Imaging, Ltd., has delivered the SPECIM AisaOWL, a compact, high-performance LWIR Hyperspectral Imager, to a defence customer in a strategic geographical location. The advanced chemical imaging capabilities brings a new dimension to port and harbour airborne surveillance, and additionally to other defence and law enforcement applications. This technology unveils hidden or camouflaged materials, objects, and actions.

The SPECIM AisaOWL operates similarly to a traditional thermographic camera, with the fundamental difference that each pixel additionally contains a full LWIR spectrum, unique to the molecular structure of the target. The measured infrared spectra can then be used for material identification of the objects depicted. Consequently, a single instrument can deliver reliable chemical and thermographic object recognition without the need for a light source such as the Sun or the Moon, which is a major advantage in target recognition, surveillance, and other defence applications.

The SPECIM AisaOWL provides invaluable information in airborne chemical imaging, including geological exploration, pollution source identification, and defence applications.