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    Critical staff: Tim (Manager); DaraB, ScottM, KerryM (Editors); TeriP (Marketing); AndreaJ (Purchasing); Eric (Director and final reviewer of books), CarrieB (Cover artist).

    Critical functions (30-60 days): Copyediting, proofing, indexing, cover art creation, communication with authors, compositors, and printers.  Maintaining of promotional schedule, reprinting, and inventory (purchasing).

    • Tim informed by Eric and/or Emergency Management Team of nature of incident (Loss of building or damage such that work at office is not possible.)  If Tim for some reason doesn’t hear from Eric or EMT – Tim should call Eric or Brad.
    • Tim will confer with Eric to assess pending critical work to be accomplished by staff for next “x” period of time (initially 2 weeks to 1 month).
    • All critical staff can work from home, having computers, high-speed internet, phones, and Citrix fobs or access.  So Tim (who has contact info for Editorial staff and Teri) will call each member of editorial staff (DaraB, ScottM, KerryM) to
      • inform them to plan on working from home for at least “x” days/weeks. 
      • instruct them on what they should be working on until further assessment or resolution of situation, consulting PSTAT, MySPIE, and other internal documentation, which we assume will still be accessible.
      • determine if there are any resources needed by staff that they do not have available to complete mission critical tasks.
      • establish communication frequency and method with each to keep on top of each project.
    • Tim communicates via e-mail and phone with
      • TeriP for changes to the book promotion schedule and usual day-to-day marketing business.
      • AndreaJ for print quoting, reprints, and changes in delivery of manuscripts to printers.
    • Editorial staff to communicate via phone and e-mail with Tim, Eric, CarrieB, TeriP, and AndreaJ.  For group discussions, we will use InterCall or GoToMeeting.
    • Tim informs Sheridan, Edwards Brothers, Premier, ADI, and our composition vendor(s) of the situation and impact on them, giving them phone numbers and home addresses of staff for delivery of any hard proofs, if necessary.  Most proofing could be done via soft copy only as a short-term workaround. Editors can communicate with all vendors via e-mail.
    • Weekly conference calls (or GoToMeetings) with staff (either together or separately) will be maintained to distribute information and monitor progress.

    Tim then monitors progress, identifies any delay factors, keeps abreast of inventory via Aptify, approves POs via Agresso (using Citrix for both), reports to applicable management, and problem solves as necessary to make sure critical work continues on schedule or as per revised schedules as appropriate.