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Lasers & Sources

Laser position monitor


QUAD-4Track is a smart, digital Laser Position Monitor that captures the analog output from our QUAD probes and does the number crunching for you to give you the X and Y position of your laser beam.

Here are some of the many things you can do with them: 

  • Measure beam position or translation of your pulsed laser in real time, up to 1000 pps using our QUAD Position Sensing Energy Detectors
  • Track the beam wander of your 100 kHz DPSS pulse laser using our QUAD Position Sensing Power Detectors
  • Measure beam steering of your CO2 laser in micro radians Locate and align your THz source and mirrors
  • Locate and align your THz source and mirrors

Our QUAD probes are offered for both Energy and Power measurements, in 2 aperture sizes (9 x 9 and 20 x 20 mm). The QUAD-4Track Laser Position Monitor is supplied with a complete LabView software that literally does the work for you!