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Internationales Congress Center
Munich, Germany
21 - 25 June 2015
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Workshop: Industry Meets Academia

Photonic technologies and products gain increased impact in all sectors of the social and commercial life. Meanwhile the dissemination of photonic products can only be compared with microelectronics. Universities are supposed to be, and mostly are, "marketplaces of ideas". One important basis for innovation is the consequent observation of the whole life cycle of products. The question, how technologically progressive industries and new products evolve from birth through maturity, has to consider the interaction of different players in various phases of the life cycle. In the early phase the interaction between partners from industry and academia plays a growing role.

This workshop is dedicated to the exchange of experiences among these partners acting actively within collaborative projects. It presents useful information on commercialization essentials: funding, business plan, technology transfer and intellectual property. This forum provides an opportunity to show exciting new technologies which are ready and available for commercialization and to discuss which routes would be more inventions moving more quickly to market, thereby benefiting society, the university, and the inventors. Special focus of this year workshop is on international cooperation.

Based on the presentation of currently running projects a vital information exchange is stimulated followed by specified courses that are addressing important subjects of cooperation: intellectual property, technology evaluation, contracting and negotiation strategies. Special attention is paid to the international character of the modern scientific and business cooperation.

Learning outcomes
This workshop will enable you to:

  • identify your benefits if your idea is commercialized
  • confirm market niche and patentability
  • maximize the business outcome of your invention, learn negotiation skills
  • learn the basic steps in IP protection and getting benefits out of registered IP
  • increase the efficiency and limit your legal expenses by doing a large portion of the work yourself
  • accelerate the road to market via building efficient business plan
  • optimize your effort in commercialization by understanding what the process entails.

Intended audience
Those who work in high tech R&D and business, especially in highly competitive areas, will find this workshop extremely valuable.

Important Dates

Author Notification
19 February 2015

On-site Manuscripts Due
13 April 2015

Post-meeting Manuscripts Due
(O3A Conference only)
25 May 2015

Registration Prices Increase
1 June 2015

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