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Get connected through SPIE social media networks

Connect with colleagues, engage in discussions, and follow optics and photonics news and activities via SPIE social media networks .

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SPIE Group
Photonics professionals engaging in technical, STEM, and policy discussions, with access to a job board.

SPIE Company
Networking and news shared among the SPIE community.

photonicsforabetterworld.org JPEG

Photonics for a Better World
Highlighting photonics advances, innovations, and policy to improve quality of life around the planet.

SPIE on Facebook JPEG

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics
Photonics updates for your newsfeed, with an emphasis on the human side of science and technology.

SPIE Students
Scholarships, jobs, professional development discussion, and opinions relevant to students in optics and photonics.

SPIE on Twitter JPEG

Optics and photonics research; industry and STEM news; comments; and kudos.

Rapid-read information and opportunities for students in optics and photonics.

Advocating for SPIE constituents, liaising with political and photonics industry associations, and organising world-class events.

Science and industry advances in light-based technologies and applications via SPIE conferences and exhibitions.

Promoting professional growth for women through building community, networking, and encouraging careers in optics and photonics.

Connecting around the SPIE Startup Challenge and bring photonics technology to the marketplace.

Job postings by the leading employment resource for optics, photonics, and imaging professionals.

SPIE Photonics West is the world's leading photonics, laser, and biomedical optics conference.


SPIE.tv Channel
Video interviews and features, podcasts, and presentations.

SPIEphotonics on Instagram

Images from and for the optics and photonics community.


Images from one of the year's major events in photonics.


RSS Collection
Feeds for SPIE Newsroom technical reports, SPIE Member News, press releases, and more.