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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Endoscope system illumination tester

Lighthouse Imaging Corp.

Lighthouse Imaging Corporation announces a new instrument that enables hospital clinical engineering staff to quickly troubleshoot endoscope system illumination and identify the true source of a problem. EndolumeTM is a portable handheld device that measures the luminous intensity of endoscopic system light sources as well as light transmission through light cables and rigid or flexible endoscopes.

"We developed the Endolume with biomedical engineers and technicians in mind," says Dr. Dennis Leiner, Lighthouse Imaging Chief Technology Officer. "Endolume is simple to use and will enable a biomed to quickly determine which component of an endoscopic system is faulty, ensuring optimal performance, enhancing patient safety and reducing unnecessary service and repair expenses."

The Endolume instrument kit consists of a custom-designed integrating sphere and light detector, precision light meter, and adapters to connect with all endoscopic equipment common in medical institutions. The meter displays directly in lumens. A rigid carrying case is included.