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Optoelectronics & Communications

High power transmission AR coatings on optical fibers


LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to offer high power transmission-guaranteed anti-reflection (AR) coatings for optical fibers. The application of anti-reflection coatings is practical when high power has to be transmitted across optical fibers using a laser. These coatings significantly reduce coupling losses. This high power advantage has a particularly positive effect in medical technology and material processing.

LASER COMPONENTS offers both assembled cables, including coated fibers, and job coatings on fibers supplied by the customer. They can process all types of fibers - from fused silica fibers (SM and MM) to sapphire fibers. It is important that all materials used, for example, in buffers, be suitable for vacuum environments.

The following AR coatings are available on a standard basis for optical fibers:

  • Single ARs: AR coating for one wavelength (e.g. 808 nm)
  • Dual ARs: AR coating for two wavelengths (e.g. 808 and 980 nm)
  • Broadband ARs: AR coating for a wide wavelength range (e.g. 460-700 nm)

LASER COMPONENTS will be demonstrating these optical fibers at SPIE Photonics West 2011, January 23-27, 2011, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA; and SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing, April 26-28, 2011, Orlando Marriott Convention Center, Orlando, FL.