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Illumination & Displays

CALIBRE polycarbonate resin for LED signage


Styron LLC has announced the availability of CALIBRE™ 302V-6 LD extrusion grade polycarbonate (PC) resin, a premier PC offering from Styron in North America for extruded sheet used in the LED signage and lighting marketplace. Developed with proprietary diffusion aid technology, the new resin will allow customers to utilize PC more efficiently in LED back-lit sign face and channel letter market applications.

CALIBRE 302V-6 LD resin is Styron's initial offering of light-diffusing PC resins and builds upon Styron's line of PC and compounds and blends products that already provide solutions for a number of lighting technology applications. The technical service team at Styron has developed modeling capabilities to be able to quickly formulate resins to meet specific customer performance characteristics for each application.

CALIBRE™ 302V-6 LD represents a balance of the performance characteristics that the marketplace looks for in materials used with LED lighting. The excellent light-diffusing characteristics, combined with the inherent toughness of PC, allows for thinner PC sheet as an alternative to acrylic sheet. The result is a cost-effective, durable sign face or channel letter that protects the costly LED lighting and provides the desired aesthetics.

Key characteristics of the new CALIBRE™ 302V-6 LD polycarbonate resin include:

  • Excellent light diffusion, providing brightness uniformity and the elimination of "hot spots" from the LED light source
  • Excellent light transmission to improve lighting efficiency
  • Bright white color in reflected light
  • Need for additional diffusion films eliminated
  • UL V-2 rated down to 1.5 mm