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Solar & Alternative Energy

Glass expert Corning joins Fortune 500 in rush to solar

Greentech Media
12 October 2010

The phenomenal growth rate and sheer potential size of the solar industry has begun to attract industry behemoths such as Samsung, Siemens, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, LG, Honeywell, Hyundai, Honeywell, and GE. Add Corning to that list.

Now Corning is bringing its expertise in glass and manufacturing scale to to enhance solar modules. The firm helped enable the scale-up of liquid crystal displays according to Dr. Gary Calabrese, Vice President and Director of Corning's Photovoltaics Group, adding, "We are trying to do the same thing for PV."

It's a sign of a maturing industry, as well as a recognition that there's money to be made in the solar sector, that these global players are maneuvering for position.

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