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Illumination & Displays

Interior and exterior lighting design software

Lambda Research Corp.

LITESTAR 4D is the ultimate program for interior and exterior lighting design. The program was completely redesigned from the ground up with ease of use in mind for both the occasional and expert user. Three important things were priorities in this redesign; First, the capability to interactively create scenes internally using LITESTARs CAD geometry generator. Second, the capability to import CAD geometry from the leading CAD vendors. Finally, the ability to access vendor luminaire data directly through the import of IES and Eulumdat data or download from partner WebCatalogs directly available from their website or Oxytech's web site.

LITESTAR 4D includes the following important new features:

  • A brand new easy to use graphical user interface to create CAD geometry using standard Windows drag and drop capabilities, icons, toolbars and menus.
  • A new all inclusive data format, OXL, the natural next step of evolution of the Eulumdat and IES file formats. This format combines not only the luminaire photometry but the 3D CAD geometry and full scene rendering information in one complete set of data. This new data specification replaces our old FDB format.
  • The wide use of the Drag&Drop feature at all levels, including data acquisition via the Internet through WebCatalogs. This format is surprisingly easy to use and works exclusively with simple Drag&Drop mouse operation.

Download the new program at: http://www.oxytech.it/software/cdoxy.asp?Richiesta=LITESTAR-4D-Open-1.0&LN=UK