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Illumination & Displays

3D competition heats up in Asia

Financial Times
30 September 2010

Forecasting demand for any new technology is risky and that is doubly true for 3D TV -- which appears to repel as many potential viewers as it attracts. Half of the respondents in a recent Nielsen survey said they were turned off by the special glasses required to watch 3D images. When those who said they were interested in buying a 3D TV actually tried one, about half changed their minds.

Even so, the research firm iSuppli expects Japanese and South Korean electronics groups to sell 4m 3D TVs this year, with sales growing to 78m by 2015, or about two-fifths of the projected global flat-screen market.

Full story from FT.com
A video interview with John Merritt and Andrew Woods: Getting rid of ghosts in 3D display (SPIE Newsroom)