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Optoelectronics & Communications

Quantum computing a step closer

Financial Times
16 September 2010

Jeremy O'Brien is a leading figure in the world of quantum computing -- a research field that promises to transform information technology over the next few decades, as electronic computing reaches the limits of what is physically possible with conventional chips and circuitry.

His own research group, working with colleagues at Tohuku University in Japan, the Weizmann Institute in Israel and Twente University in the Netherlands, announced on Friday what Jonathan Matthews of Bristol called "a landmark on the way to practical quantum computing."

The international team published in the journal Science -- and described at the British Science Festival in Birmingham (UK) -- the first "photonic" chip that makes use of the weird properties of the quantum world, such as particles that exist in several places at the same time and interact instantly with each other.

O'Brien presented papers at SPIE Photonics Europe and SPIE Optics + Photonics in 2010.

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Photon pairs take a quantum walk (PhysicsWorld.com)