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Sensing & Measurement

PNF laser module for machine vision

Power Technology

Power Technology, Inc. (PTI) is introducing the new PNF™ laser module designed specifically for Machine Vision applications. These applications include 3D Profiling & Imaging, Dimensional Scanning, High Speed Road & Rail Inspection, Web Inspection, Fluorescence, and Illumination. The new PNF module can serve as a drop-in replacement for most existing Machine Vision lasers.

Walter Burgess, VP of sales and engineering, says "Our newest offering delivers from 0.1mW to 200mW of output power with a wavelength range between 375nm and 2,330nm." Mr. Burgess continues, "Additional design features include uniform intensity (non-Gaussian) line generators, unique Variable Focus™ Technology, good wavelength stability, superior optical power stability, and CW, digital or analog modulation up to 100MHz."

James Jackson, sales engineer, says "The PNF Series boasts the highest output power and fastest modulation speeds of any similar laser module on the market today. It can be configured for optimal performance at close or long range. Its unique Variable Focus Technology allows the user to calibrate the focus of the module and then re-tune the line generator for optimal performance."