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Lasers & Sources

Photon counting modules

Laser Components

Laser Components formed a strategic partnership with PicoQuant GmbH to develop photon counting modules of the highest quality. Highest quantum efficiency and record-breaking dark count rates were the requirements for the photon counting modules produced in-house - and our developers met these expectations. The COUNT photon counting modules will be on display at SPIE BiOS and Photonics West in San Francisco, CA Janurary 2011, and SPIE DSS in Orlando, FL March 2011.

The new COUNT photon counting modules achieve an unrivaled quantum efficiency of over 70% in the red region. Another advantage of these photon counters is their significantly higher quantum efficiency in the blue spectral range.

The COUNT series is based on a silicon Geiger-mode APD developed specifically for this series. It is one of the lowest-noise APDs on the market. Together with electronics that has been optimized down to the smallest detail, this APD represents the heart of the COUNT module. Starting October 2010, standard modules are available with dark count rates ranging from 20 to 250 counts. Modules with <10 cps [counts per second] are available upon request.

These modules either come with an easy-to-use FC connection for optical fibers that have a core diameter of up to 105 µm or as a free-beam module. Thanks to its compact housing and plug & play compatibility, replacing existing photon counters with the COUNT module is easy as 1, 2, 3!