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Micro/Nano Lithography

Future of photomask lithography discussed at SPIE Photomask Technology

SPIE Newsroom
7 September 2010

An all-day special session on a roadmap for maskless lithography R&D and a keynote presentation offering insights on how to be successful in the photomask industry will highlight the SPIE Photomask Technology symposium 13-16 September in Monterey, CA. Nearly 150 technical presentations and a 25-company exhibition are expected at the event in the Monterey Marriott Hotel and Monterey Conference Center.

SPIE Photomask Technology logoSPIE Photomask Technology continues to be the premier worldwide technical meeting for the photomask industry, says Symposium Chair Warren Montgomery (College of NanoScale Science and Engineering and SEMATECH) and Symposium Co-chair Wilhelm Maurer (Infineon Technologies). Organizers are anticipating some growth over last year's attendance, a reflection of other signs of revitalization in the industry.

Special session cochairs Brian Grenon (Grenon Consulting) and Wolf Staud (Applied Materials) have solicited contributions from photomask industry luminaries for special session 15 September on E-Beam Direct-Write/Maskless Lithography (EBDW/ML2) titled "13.5 nm or 17.3 picometer? Are We Funding the Right Wavelength/Technology?"

Historical background, design challenges, and other topics will be covered by:

  • Hans Pfeiffer (HCP Consulting)
  • Neil Berglund (Luxtera)
  • David Lam (David Lam Group)
  • Tor Sandstrom (Micronic Mydata)
  • Laurent Pain (Lab. d'Électronique de Technologie de l'Information)
  • Aki Fujimura (D2S)

Fujimura, who is also managing sponsor of the eBeam Initiative, says members of the Initiative "are demonstrating for the first time the improved shot count results of writing curvilinear features using overlapping e-beam shots."

The eBeam Initiative is a forum dedicated to the education and promotion of a new design-to-manufacturing approach known as design for e-beam (DFEB). Several of its members will jointly present the latest breakthroughs in DFEB mask technology at the symposium to demonstrate the effectiveness of DFEB mask technology on advanced photomasks at the 22-nm node and beyond.

SPIE Photomask Technology is sponsored by SPIE and BACUS, with additional sponsorships from SEMATECH, Hitachi High Technologies America, Synopsys, Carl Zeiss SMS, JEOL USA, Mentor Graphics, DNP America, Hoya, Micro Lithography, Applied Materials, Solid State Technology, and Photonics Media.

Conference proceedings papers will be published individually in the SPIE Digital Library as soon as approved after the meeting, and also in collected print and digital volumes and collections.

In a related announcement, MCA, a global high-tech communications agency, says it will host an online panel discussion, BrightSpots Lithography Forum, during the SPIE symposium in cooperation with SemiNeedle. The forum will enable industry professionals to partake in an active discussion exploring the key issues surrounding the future of lithography. Fujimura will be one of the panelists.

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