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Defense & Security

Slim design Iris scanner

AOptix Technologies

US-based AOptix Technologies has unveiled a new slim design Iris scanner system, InSight VM, featuring an elegant and contemporary industrial design appropriate for installation in modern airports and office buildings. The InSight VM is the second in a series of products from AOptix Technologies.

It operates at a nominal 2 meter stand-off distance and employs the company's proprietary adaptive optics technology to fully automate the iris capture process at a typical 2 seconds per eye, said a statement from AOptix.

The InSight VM reflects a vertical orientation of all components so that the new form factor is slender with a compact footprint. The system's imaging functionality is identical to the company's original InSight SD system, capturing pristine iris images at a distance of 2 meters. Its industry leading .75 cubic meter capture volume allows virtually everyone from ADA-specified wheelchair height to over 7 feet tall to position themselves with minimal effort.

In interacting with the InSight system, the subject merely needs to stand in its very large capture volume, look at the device, and open his or her eyes. The system does all the work of finding the subject and locating the eyes for iris imaging, automating the entire process.

"Our InSight VM introduces a new aesthetic to iris recognition," said Phil Tusa, VP of Biometrics Programs for AOptix. "This system puts the superior usability of InSight technology into a form factor that opens up exciting new deployment possibilities," he added.