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Illumination & Displays

Embeddable display controller ASIC for pico projectors


Syndiant has introduced its SYA1022 display controller ASIC for industry-leading pico projectors using the company's patented VueG8 LCOS display panels.

The SYA1022 controller offers increased functionality, improved power efficiency, and lower production cost in a smaller form factor. Syndiant's display controller ASIC combines the control and frame buffer in a small 9x9 mm package so no external memory is required. Additionally, the SYA1022 supports all of Syndiant's LCOS display panels, from 854x480 pixel Wide-VGA up through and including Syndiant's industry-leading SYL2061 1024x600 pixel Wide SVGA panel. The SYA1022 is ideal for embedding into mobile and handheld devices such as cell phones and laptops.

Syndiant's SYA1022 controller ASIC converts video signals into an efficient format used by the company's field sequential color LCOS display panels. It enables integration into a wide array of pico projection systems due to its high level of programmability and interface flexibility in a small package.