Beijing International Convention Center
    Beijing, China
    12 - 14 October 2016
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    Policies and Information

    Pricing Details:

     • Prices increase by $100 USD after 19 October 2012
     • For those registering by fax or mail after 19 October 2012, please add the appropriate additional fees to your total. The online form will automatically display the increased pricing

    Refund Policy for Preregistration
    There is a $40 service charge for processing refunds. Requests for preregistration refunds must be received by 25 October 2012. All registration fees will be forfeited after this date. Membership dues are not refundable. SPIE Digital Library subscriptions are not refundable.

    Government Credit Cards
    U.S. Government credit card users have your purchasing officer contact the credit card company and get prior authorization before attempting to register. Advise your purchasing agent that SPIE is considered a 5968 company for authorization purposes.

    SPIE Membership
    SPIE members receive discounts off conference and course registration fees. This discount will be applied at the time of registration.

    Press Representatives 
    Media/Press - For credentialed press and media representatives, please email contact information, title and organization to

    Add Digital Library subscriptions.
    Choose an SPIE Digital Library subscription with your registration. Please see details on the registration form.

    CD as part of a registration include tax and shipping. Proceedings and CDs purchased separately do not include shipping or taxes. Please see details on the registration form.

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