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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Real-time 3D medical imaging technique attracts the entertainment world

The Scientist
16 August 2010

Iowa State University professor Song Zhang and graduate student Nik Karpinsky have developed a high-resolution real-time 3D imaging technology with the goal of visualizing the functions of internal organs. But the two SPIE members have been surprised by interest from a completely different field: rock music.

Zhang was approached by U2's people last spring asking if the band could use his novel 3D imaging technology for a concert performance. He also has collaborated with Radiohead for their video "House of Cards." But it's the potential medical applications that really gets him excited.

Zhang coauthored two papers at the recent SPIE Optics + Photonics symposium in San Diego, and serves on the program committee for the annual conference Interferometry: Techniques and Analysis. He has contributed more than 25 papers to SPIE proceedings and journals.

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