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Optical Design & Engineering

High-performance SWIR lenses

Clear Align

Clear Align has announced the introduction of INSPIRE™ line of high-performance, ultra-lightweight, pre-engineered SWIR lenses for short-wavelength-infrared detection.

"Our customers asked us for a lightweight SWIR capability enabling higher resolution operations at lower light levels for man-portable and UAV applications. Clear Align tackled these requirements and also improved the color correction," said Dr. Michael Finlan, Vice President of Imaging. "Our unique lens housing design uses proprietary coatings and allows for athermalized performance in a military-ready, robust package."

The Clear Align INSPIRE™ is a series of pre-engineered, high-performance, SWIR lenses with F-numbers as low as 1.0. These cost-effective lenses have exceptional performance and are lighter weight than anything else in the market. The Modulation Transfer Function exceeds industry standards and enables the INSPIRE™ to provide exceptionally high resolution imaging for night vision, search and rescue, infrared tracking, and other applications across the 0.6 um to 1.7 um imaging band. The lightweight , robust, ruggedized mechanical design allows the lenses to withstand hostile environments, and is athermalized from -20 degrees to +60 degrees C.