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Sensing & Measurement

SPIDER instrument for few cycle pulses

APE (Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH)

Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric-field Reconstruction (SPIDER) is a measurement technique for phase resolved characterization of ultrashort laser pulses. Providing data about phase and intensity it offers all necessary information about the pulse for complete temporal reconstructionof its electric field.

The new FC (Few Cycle) SPIDER is a SPIDER device to enable robust measurements of the shortest laser pulses in the red and NIR spectral region. A complete spectral characterization over a 500 nm span supports the temporal electric-field reconstruction of laser pulses with FWHM down to 5 fs.

With the new FC SPIDER, APE offers a precision tool for complete spectral and temporal characterization of few electric filed ultra-short optical laser pulses down to 5 femtoseconds. Based on the proven and patented SPIDER technology using a non-drifting, etalon based interferometer and a material-dispersion stretcher, the FC SPIDER directly measures the spectral phase by analyzing a spectral interferogram. In combination with a simultaneous measured spectrum, the temporal amplitude and phase are derived in real-time.

This new design enables simultaneous single shot detection of amplitude and phase of pulses with spectral bandwidths up to one optical octave. A high degree of automation for software assisted device calibration and alignment is implemented for user-friendly operation and to enable measurements with low input intensities.

The FC SPIDER is the ideal tool to align and monitor the performance of broadband Ti:Sapphire oscillators and amplifier chains with bandwidths starting at 35 nm and supplements the APE SPIDER line towards faster pulses.