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Solar & Alternative Energy

Times Square's first fully solar-powered billboard


Ricoh Americas Corporation has completed its 100% solar powered electronic billboard, the Ricoh Eco Board, located at 3 Times Square at the corner of 7th Avenue and 42nd Street.

The Ricoh Eco Board, which is 47 feet high by 126 feet long, is the first billboard in Times Square to be totally lit by solar energy. It is powered solely by 62 solar panels and 24 thin-film PV solar modules, and illuminated by 16 LED floodlights. Ricoh made a promise not to use conventional electricity from the grid to light the Eco Board and will allow it to go dark due to lack of sunlight. By using only solar power to light the sign, Ricoh is playing a part in reducing the amount of carbon emissions released by conventional electrical power sources.

Ricoh chose Rec Solar, one of the pioneers of the solar industry, to equip the top of the Eco Board with a high-quality series of solar modules optimized for low-light conditions. Ricoh also worked closely with Cooley Group, which has been at the forefront of polymer technology and coatings on flexible reinforced substrates for nearly a century, on the thin-film PV solar modules, manufactured by Xunlight Corporation.

"When Ricoh decided to advertise in Times Square, we wanted to do so in an environmentally-responsible way that would have minimal negative impact on the environment," said Jason Dizzine, Director, Corporate Communications, Ricoh Americas Corporation.