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Illumination & Displays

LED portable floodlight for outdoors

GlacialTech Inc.

GlacialTech Inc. has released the GL-SD15, a DC-powered, 19W Light Emitting Diode (LED) spotlight/floodlight. This LED portable light is perfect for outdoor activity lighting like tailgate parties and camping with its ability to feed off of small, 11-15V/22-30V DC power sources and its -20° to 40°C operating temperature range. Users can easily hook it right up to car batteries. Completely dust and water proof, the GL-SD15 is the perfect outdoor, LED portable light.


  • The GL-SD15 series is available in Warm White at 3000K color-temperature (GL-SD15-WW) and in Cold White at 6000K color-temperature (GL-SD15-CW).
  • The GL-SD15 series feeds on a DC power-source of 11-15V/22-30V and lasts for a minimum 20,000 hrs, freeing its owners from frequent bulb replacement.
  • Completely dust and water proof, the GL-SD15 series is suitable for outdoor and indoor usage.

GL-SD15 features

  • Low power consumption - energy-saving green product
  • High-brightness LEDs
  • Long lifetime > 20,000 hrs
  • IP65 dust and water proof
  • Eco-friendly: No UV, no IR, & no mercury
  • Spotlighting or floodlighting LED driver efficiency greater than 90%
  • Compliance with safety regulations: EN60598, EN61347-1+EN61347-2-13, EN55015+EN61547, EN60529, EN62471, EN62031, FCC Part 15

A standard 12V or 24V DC power supply can be used to power the LED lamp. In fact, any voltage between 11-15V or 22-30V is completely suitable.