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Solar & Alternative Energy

With flyovers, a solar map of New York

New York Times
10 May 2010

Early morning flyovers by a twin-engine Shrike Commander are expected to yield the most detailed three-dimensional picture of New York City to date, with an emphasis on structures, elevations, sun and shade, and nooks and crannies relevant to the city's emergency response system and its environmental goals.

The data will be used, among other things, to create up-to-date maps of the areas most prone to flooding, the buildings best suited for the installation of solar power and the neighborhoods most in need of trees.

The lidar-collected information will also answer questions like whether any wetlands still exist in the city and how many flat roofs and pitched roofs there are, according to city officials. The resulting "solar map" will help assess the city's capacity for solar power and even allow New Yorkers to check if the buildings they work or live in are suitable for solar panels.

Full story from New York Times