The Moscone Center
    San Francisco, California, United States
    28 January - 2 February 2017
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    What exhibitors say about SPIE Photonics West

    “We thought coming here in a down economy would affect us all. We’re surprised to get more high quality leads than before.”
    - Cato Fagermo, Sales Manager, Crystal Fibre

    "Photonics West is the best show in the world when it comes to photonics."
    - Ömür Sezerman, President/CEO, OZ Optics

    Photonics West is Hamamatsu’s flagship event for the U.S. This is where we introduce our new products, where we have people from our research and development giving talks. It's a very important show for us…we talk to a lot of our customers and our suppliers, and also find out about the newest innovations in photonics.”
    - Gus Asencios, Hamamatsu

    This is the biggest and best show. It’s got everybody here.”
    - Linda West, VP Sales and Marketing, Ondax


    “We were very pleased with the attendance and energy at this conference. We enjoyed a tremendous number of conversations with customers and suppliers and our only regret was that we were so busy at our booth that we could not make it out to visit others.”
    - Dr. Joseph Dallas, President, Avo Photonics, Inc.

    "This exhibition is out of this world!"
    - Peter Moulton, Vice President/Chief Technology Officer, Q-Peak

    “SPIE is the most effective scientific society for exchange of technical information between people from industry, academia and medical.”
    - Dr. Gregory Altshuler, Senior Vice President of Research, Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

    "SPIE Photonics West is the premier optical show in the world. If you are doing nothing else, Photonics West is the show you've got to be at."
    - Robert Edmund

    "The best year ever in terms of leads and quality of leads.”
    - Nigel Holehouse, Vice President, ITF Laboratories Inc.

    “We got four times as many leads this year.”
    - William Yang, CEO, BaySpec

    Exhibitors at BiOS:

    "We exhibit at Photonics West and at BiOS where we focus on our biomedical products. One of the most profitable parts of BiOS is the business we do with the other exhibitors."
    - Ali Mahloudji, Sutter

    “The booth has been packed all day and the show has been great. Unbelievable."

    - Bill Shiner, Vice President Industrial Sales, IPG Photonics Corporation

    “This is our first year at BiOS and we’ve been very busy! We’ve come to Photonics West for years and decided to exhibit at BiOS to promote our new eye safe laser glass. We’ve had so much traffic that our table top exhibit is too small. Next year we will upgrade to at least a 10’x10’. If BiOS is any indication, Photonics West should be great!”
    - Marlene Deily, Promotions Manager, SCHOTT North America

    We’ve exhibited at Photonics West for seven years and always walked BiOS but had not exhibited until this year. It makes sense for us to do BiOS because we have biomedical products and we’re already here. In the first half hour of the first day we made a contact that is so good that it makes the whole show worth our time. I’m so glad I decided to exhibit! We’ll definitely be back next year."
    - Lee Branst, North American Regional Sales Manager, Lumics USA

    “This is our first time at BiOS after being at Photonics West for many years. We’ve had good traffic at BiOS that is half current customers with whom we want to continue to strengthen our relationships and half new customers."
    - Robert Murphy, Bid-Service LLC

    “BiOS show was fantastic. Lead count up 20% over last year.”
    - Keith Oakes, Managing Director, Elforlight Ltd.

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