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Illumination & Displays

High power LEDs


The unique and innovative characteristics of the new Illumitex Aduro™ ITX-500 LED enables completely new and innovative product designs. Created using patent-pending optical physics design principles and fabrication techniques, Illumitex products enable increased overall system efficiency and a balanced thermal load. The integral optical design allows a whole host of lighting solutions without the need for costly and light losing secondary optics. Initially offered in a 30° half angle, the HBLED's light half-angle can be tailored from 10-90° with limited light loss.

Through the combination of breakthroughs developed by the Illumitex team, system performance, brightness, and packaging have been improved. The Illumitex phosphor-converted White LED has improved upon traditional LEDs in nearly every way, lowering energy consumption while increasing the amount of "usable lumens" offered to our customers.

The ITX-500 Series offers the ability to control the beam angle at the emitter level, eliminating the need for costly secondary optics and substantially reducing total volume of the light engine. The ITX-500 series also delivers unsurpassed color and power uniformity of the light within the specified beam angle. Ability to achieve a 22% increase in meeting the new DOE Fitted Targeted Efficacy metric for outdoor luminaires is an intergral part of the design.